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The Power of Procurement

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Large institutions collectively spend billions of dollars on food annually, influencing our food system and diets. The Rockefeller Foundation leverages institutional purchasing power to support market shifts from “lowest cost” to “best social value.” This favors food that supports good nutrition, local economies, environmental sustainability, and racial equity.

Why it Matters

Transitioning from a ‘lowest cost’ to a ‘best social value’ paradigm maximizes public good from every food dollar and prioritizes underserved farm and food business embracing responsible labor and environmental practices.

    is spent on food annually by U.S. public and private institutions


    health and environmental cost for every $1 spent purchasing food across the U.S.

    0U.S. CitiesU.S. Cities

    have adopted formal policies or voluntary commitments to analyze, report, and improve the social and environmental outcomes of their public food spend with the Good Food Purchasing Program

  • Report

    True Cost of Food: School Meals Case Study

    This report shows that school meals are essential for the health and economic stability of communities. With these findings, policymakers, food professionals, advocates, communities, and individuals are better equipped to maximize value to society, including through investing in school meals, by creating a food system that is more nourishing, regenerative, and equitable.
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