Noah Cohen-Cline

DirectorFood, The Rockefeller Foundation

Authored Content

  • Jan 11 2024
    Perspective Sustainable Food Decisions Start Before the Grocery Aisle Like many people making their weekly trip to the grocery store, I do my best to buy “responsible” products that have positive environmental impact and that support the farmers and workers who produce them. But decisions that should be straightforward become nearly impossible as soon I step into an aisle and begin selecting products. Do […] Noah Cohen-Cline
  • Mar 28 2023
    Perspective How More Nourishing, Sustainable School Meals Benefit Us All School meals are the main source of nutrition for millions of children every day – and research has shown that healthy school meals can enhance student well-being and success while also supporting farmers and rural economies. That’s why we were encouraged to see the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) take an important step toward improving […] Noah Cohen-Cline
  • Nov 09 2020
    Perspective The Universal Free School Meal Experiment Last month, the USDA extended a pandemic response program allowing public schools to serve free meals to all children for the 2020-21 school year. This unprecedented move came thanks to the voices of hundreds of organizations across sectors, from public health and education to the environment and social justice, responding to the serious challenges families […] Devon Klatell, Noah Cohen-Cline
  • Jul 07 2020
    Perspective Remembering Philando Castile, School Food Hero This week—on July 6, 2020—marks the four-year anniversary of the police killing of Philando Castile, only a few miles from where George Floyd was killed in Minnesota, during a traffic stop on his drive home from the grocery store with his girlfriend and her young daughter. Philando was many things to many people; in a […] Noah Cohen-Cline