Resetting America’s Response to Covid-19

The end is in sight. Yet there is a long way to go. We need to continue to ramp up Covid-19 testing and put in place policies that recognize the cascading benefits of getting back to work, going back to school and taking back control of our lives.

From the earliest months we have championed a national Covid-19 testing plan and improved access to tests and treatments for all. Testing numbers have soared to nearly nine million tests a week, but the rates of infection, hospitalization and death continue to climb to new highs, while too much of the impact has fallen on society’s most vulnerable communities.

The Rockefeller Foundation is now redoubling its efforts to catalyze a recovery from this crisis that delivers a more equitable and sustainable recovery and helps guard against future pandemics.

A Fresh Burst of Giving

The Foundation plans to commit $1 billion to this recovery over three years, with the money going to health initiatives, an aggressive push to expand access to reliable energy, and other causes. The health effort will ensure wider access to Covid-19 tests and vaccines. It will also deliver more science-based tools to fight the pandemic and strengthen public health systems to prevent future outbreaks.
  • December 2020

    Taking Back Control: A Resetting of America’s Response to Covid-19

    Our third National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan lays out a new plan for the largest domestic testing scale up to date and proposes 14 executive actions for the current and incoming administrations to take in order to rapidly alter the trajectory of the pandemic in the United States. Testing all U.S. public K-12 public schools would cost $42.5 billion, or $8.5 billion per month for the remainder of the school year from February to June 2021.
  • STAT: State and Territory Alliance for Testing

    States and territories in STAT meet regularly to learn about advances in testing, share success stories, and listen to experts preview the most promising technological breakthroughs.
  • New: Covid-19 Testing Communications and Community Engagement Toolkit

    A new resource to promote Covid-19 testing. The Testing Toolkit helps translate public health goals into motivating, clear messages that educate Americans about why, when, and where to get tested — even if they feel healthy. All materials are open access, completely free to use, and customizable.
  • Facing Uncertainty: The Challenges of Covid-19 in the Workplace

    Covid-19 Workplace Commons, powered by a survey from more than 1,000 companies, provides guidance and data on how companies are protecting their employees from Covid-19.
  • Covid-19 Testing Strategies for Schools

    In order to facilitate the safe reopening of schools, measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission must be at the forefront. This report aims to aid the discussion around whether and how to reopen in-person schools more safely.
  • Covid-19: Message Handbook

    For any testing and tracing strategy to work, we have to motivate people to act. That’s why we’ve launched the Testing & Tracing Message Handbook. This Handbook draws on insights from cognitive science, linguistics, focus groups and a nationally representative message-testing survey.
  • July 2020

    National Covid-19 Testing & Tracing Action Plan

    We’ve gone from 1 million to 4.5 million tests per week in the U.S., but we’ll need to redouble our efforts to make it to 30 million tests per week and beyond in order to reopen communities and economies, and keep them open.
  • Covid-19 Testing Solutions Group

    To facilitate the exchange of best practices for public health authorities and federal, state, city, and tribal officials working to scale up pandemic testing needs in order to reopen their economies while safeguarding public health.
In light of the current crisis, The Rockefeller Foundation 2020 President’s Annual Letter by Dr. Rajiv J. Shah focuses on the Foundation’s response to COVID-19, and how we and our partners are meeting this moment by helping communities respond, recover, and eventually rebuild. We have set three goals for our COVID-19 Response: 1) accelerating the […]

Covid-19 Diagnostic Resources for Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Covid-19 diagnostic resources for lower- and middle-income countries help to ensure that all countries can access affordable, accurate Covid-19 tests.

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  • The time to act is right now to make sure vulnerable children and families are included in the pandemic response and recovery.
    Dr. Rajiv J. Shah
    President, The Rockefeller Foundation

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