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Making opportunity universal and sustainable through

Emerging Frontiers

Accelerate the impact of our programmatic work through impact investing, data science, technology, and innovation to the greatest inequities in the world
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Making Big Bets On Early-Stage Innovation

What if one took what already exists—in data, in private capital, in partnerships and networks—and magnified it to serve more people and address still greater challenges? That is what the Rockefeller Foundation does through its work in Innovation, Innovative Finance, and Climate and Resilience. In each, we harness the Foundation’s own deep reservoir of capital and expertise in ways that amplify the energy and resources of the wider investment and philanthropic communities. All with an aim of tackling some of the world’s most vexing issues, from climate change to pandemics.

Bellagio Center, Italy

For over 60 years the Center has supported many meaningful advances through its residency and conference programs and is globally renowned for fostering cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

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Jul 08 2020
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