Zero Gap Fund: 2023 State of the Portfolio Report Toolkit

We are thrilled to share the Zero Gap Fund: 2023 State of the Portfolio annual report, providing details about the investments, the impact they have achieved and capital that has been mobilized across the portfolio. The report demonstrates that climate and access—financial, healthcare, education, agriculture—are investable themes and drivers for new and unique business opportunities. We are excited to highlight the important work you all are doing.

To amplify the report, we encourage you to share it on your social media channels, after The Rockefeller Foundation’s public announcement, scheduled for July 10, 2024, at 9:30 AM EST. We have suggested copy for a LinkedIn post for each investee. Please feel free to edit as you see best fit.

The use of The Rockefeller Foundation’s name and logo beyond that which is prescribed in the social media toolkit is subject to prior written approval by the Foundation.

Overview (First image option) | LinkedIn Image

Overview (First image option)

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Overview (Second image option) | LinkedIn Image

Overview (Second image option)

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Blue Forest | LinkedIn Image

Blue Forest

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LeapFrog | LinkedIn Image


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Lightsmith | LinkedIn Image


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Impact Investment Exchange | LinkedIn Image

Impact Investment Exchange

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Founders First Capital Partners | LinkedIn Image

Founders First Capital Partners

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Apis & Heritage | LinkedIn Image

Apis & Heritage

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Seedstars | LinkedIn Image


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Horizon Capital | LinkedIn Image

Horizon Capital

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