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Foundation-written and -funded reports look at current state of affairs and shine a light on the future
Jan 01 2011
Transforming Health Systems Midterm Evaluation Report
The Rockefeller Foundation’s multi-year, $100 million Transforming Health Systems (THS) initiative aims to help developing world countries improve health services and financial protection from the cost of health services. At the …
Dec 03 2010
Disease Surveillance Network Asia Evaluation Report
  In Asia, the Foundation’s work in building disease surveillance networks has focused on the Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance (MBDS) regional network and its member countries. The focus on cross-border surveillance has been justified …
Nov 29 2010
Impact Investments: An Emerging Asset Class
Impact investments: An emerging asset class is a research note published by J.P. Morgan Global Research and is the result of collaboration between Social Finance at J.P. Morgan and The …
Dec 18 2006
Century of the City
One in every ten people lived in urban areas a century ago. Now, for the first time ever, most people live in cities. By 2050, the United Nations projects, almost …
Mar 14 2006
Asia was desperate for food after World War II. Only massive shipments of U.S. grain prevented famine. Rice was, and is, Asia’s lifeblood. That’s why the Ford and Rockefeller foundations pooled …