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Why Information Matters

“Why Information Matters: a foundation for resilience” is part of Embracing Change: The Critical Role of Information, funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to support the Internews’ Center for Innovation and Learning’s research on the role of information ecosystems in building resilience. Many thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation, and especially to Sundaa Bridgett-Jones, Associate Director, International Development, for vital input and support.

Amanda Noonan (Internews, Director of Research and Learning) and Adam Levin (Internews, Project Manager and Knowledge Management Advisor) collaborated on the strategic vision and planning, and provided invaluable feedback on earlier drafts of this report. Mark Frohardt (Executive Director, Internews’ Center for Innovation and Learning) shared useful input on earlier drafts. Matt Abud provided helpful context and guidance for the Jakarta InfoEco Pilot research. A big acknowledgement is due to the staff at PMI East Jakarta, particularly Eki, Fahdhli, and Dewi, for generously facilitating two days of our site visits to flood-affected areas. Deep appreciation as well to the Jakarta InfoEco Pilot interviewees for their very valuable contributions. Many thanks to Roanne van Voorst, (University of the Netherlands, Lecturer) and Vida Parady (University of Indonesia, Lecturer) for their helpful peer reviews of earlier drafts of Part III. We also thank our final peer reviewers, Charles Martin-Shields (George Mason University) and Ola Tjornbo (University of Waterloo), for their invaluable feedback.