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PYXERA Global YieldWise Innovation Scan

This report is one of three Innovation Scan reports produced in 2016 to support the YieldWise Initiative, a Rockefeller Foundation supported effort to demonstrate a halving of post-harvest food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) — the YieldWise Innovation Partner — conducted a two-phase Innovation Scan process to address a pressing innovation request from each of the YieldWise Implementing Partners — the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (working to reduce post-harvest loss in Tanzania’s maize value chain); PYXERA Global (working to reduce post-harvest loss in Nigeria’s tomato value chain); and TechnoServe (working to reduce post-harvest loss in Kenya’s mango value chain). In Phase I, GKI investigated possible innovation options and key decision-making considerations. In Phase II, GKI used feedback from the Implementing Partners to delve more deeply into specific innovation opportunities poised to positively impact their ongoing YieldWise efforts.

The following report presents consolidated Innovation Scan findings (Phases I and II) on the innovation request presented by PYXERA Global: How might we best support Nigerian smallholder farmers who want to dry tomatoes as a secondary market opportunity?