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Key Factors Supporting Small Scale Coastal Fisheries Management

This synthesis review of key factors supporting small-scale coastal fisheries management was commissioned by the Rockefeller Foundation through a contract with Itad Ltd. The work was carried out by a team based at IMM Ltd, in Exeter, UK, from July to September 2013.

It was designed to provide an evidence base on the success factors in small-scale coastal fisheries management in developing countries and, in turn, to assist the Rockefeller Foundation in developing its strategy for its Oceans and Fisheries Initiative. In doing so, it identifies and describes some 20 key factors believed to influence success in small-scale coastal fisheries management.

The synthesis first presents an outline of the methods used in the study followed by a background of coastal fisheries, an introduction to fisheries management themes, and a review and discussion of some of the critical factors that influence success. It then offers some conclusions and possible ways forward.