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The Investor’s Perspective: Building an impact management process for a multi-asset class portfolio

The Rockefeller Foundation supports Panahpur in the design of Project Snowball. As part of this initiative, Panahpur will share a core template for developing and launching an impact-focused investment trust, in addition to key insights about impact integrity and transparency. Panahpur is part of The Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero Gap Portfolio..

Project Snowball is a pioneering investment partnership that targets measurable positive social and environmental impact alongside competitive financial returns.

Snowball recognises that more and more people want to invest in line with their values, but that constructing a diversified high-quality impact portfolio is difficult for individual investors. Snowball has been established to address this investment challenge and democratise impact investment by making it easier for anyone to access.

Snowball plans to do this by launching a publicly listed closed-end investment vehicle that gives its investors full visibility of the social and environmental impact of their investments. Ultimately, Snowball aims to stimulate the development of impact investing across the mainstream asset management industry.