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Innovation Final Evaluation Report

The Accelerating Innovation for Development Initiative was built on the realization that while the private sector used well-developed innovation practices to generate value and growth, these practices had yet to take hold in the social sector. The application of these same concepts effectively in the social sector could lead to products, processes, and services that could significantly advance the lives of poor and vulnerable people. It was one of the first Initiatives approved in the 2006-2007 period under the Foundation’s refreshed strategy and model.

The Initiative supported the testing, application, or scaling up of three models of innovation that produced new or modified processes, products, or services that were potentially valuable for poor and vulnerable people around the world. These three models of innovation are: open source innovation, user centered innovation, and user led innovation.

Because the Initiative was structured to test different innovation processes with major grants, the evaluation report captures learning from in-depth case studies of 6 individual key grants – 2 from each model of innovation – and their effects on the broader field of innovation.

The evaluation report features findings and case studies from site visits in four countries spanning three continents, additional interviews with funders and other individuals working in the field, as well as a literature and document review and video coverage.