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Food System Vision Prize: Strategic Network Partner Report

The Food System Vision Prize (FSVP) is an invitation for individuals, organizations, institutions, companies, and communities to develop an aspirational Vision of a food system that effectively addresses scientific, technological and environmental trends,
growing resource demands, and regional characteristics.

We have partnered with nine organizations from across the globe. These leading organizations, who actively work to build a better food future, have become our most engaged FSVP partners. The Strategic Network Partners (SNP) have provided support throughout the program including program design input, outreach & network engagement.

Our nine SNPs include: African Women in Agriculture Research and Development (AWARD), EAT, EcoAgriculture Partners, The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), Food Tank, Global Alliance for the Future of Food, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Slow Food International, and Thought For Food (TFF). Since the launch of the FSVP, the SNPs have been an integral part of the program’s success. Their expertise, time, and access to a broad network have supported us to connect across broad communities, test prototyped materials, and access key stakeholders in the food system.

During the Open Submission phase, SecondMuse met with each SNP to ensure they had the resources needed to represent the FSVP and do meaningful engagement to activate their network.

In this report, the SecondMuse team has summarized key metrics showcasing the engagement efforts accomplished by the SNPs during the Open Submission Phase. While this document does not fully encompass the tremendous amount of work each SNP has put into making the FSVP a success, it provides a high-level overview of the critical role each SNP has played. The success of this Prize would not have been possible without the support from each of these partners.