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Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report 2012

In the spring of 2012, we announced the launch of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion program for The Rockefeller Foundation. This important initiative is a priority for the Executive Team and our Board of Trustees. Its purpose is to continue and grow our focus on diversity and inclusion, a trademark of any successful organization committed to excellence.
Diversity and inclusion are integral to our ability to be creative and effective. They bring us a wider view of the world, opening the door to new insights and new and innovative solutions. As a team, we have achieved a tremendous amount of work this year, and this first annual Diversity and Inclusion Report sets out our achievements as well as our goals.
We have made deliberate efforts to be inclusive, because fostering an environment where we all feel empowered to contribute to the work is key to the Foundation’s ultimate success. As we further embed diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our organization, I am greatly encouraged by the participation of everyone on our team in achieving our goals—for the coming year and well into the future. I look forward to seeing this robust program have a resounding impact upon the way we see, work with, and relate to everyone with whom our organization interacts.