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Catalysts for Change Summary of an Experiment in Global Engagement

On April 2-4, 2012, the Rockefeller Foundation collaborated with Institute for the Future (IFTF) to run a first-of-its-kind global forecasting game called Catalysts for Change. The goal of the online game was to convene people from all over the world to address the problems of poverty and specifically to identify innovative approaches to addressing those problems.

At the same time, IFTF convened a face-to-face gathering of approximately 75 thought leaders and social activists from Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area to engage in a conversation moderated by the Rockefeller Foundation’s president, Dr. Judith Rodin. IFTF streamed this event to the web, and game players from around the world were able to join the conversation virtually and pose questions to Dr. Rodin and her panel of three guest speakers: Mitch Kapor (Level Playing Field Institute), Jane McGonigal (SuperBetter), and Shannon Spanhake (San Francisco Mayor’s Office).

This report is a summary of the game objectives and design, the pre-game engagement by the global community, the important role of global game guides, and a preliminary analysis of the game play itself.