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AGRA Progress Report (2007-2014)

AGRA was founded with an ambitious vision of a prosperous, equitable and food-secure Africa, achieved through rapid and sustainable agricultural growth driven by increasingly productive and profitable smallholder farming. Its mission is to catalyze an agricultural transformation in Africa – one that assures food and nutritional security and lifts millions out of poverty. Each year, AGRA and its partners, which include public and private sectors organizations and agencies, international research and development agencies, and local institutions, make measurable progress towards this vision and mission.

We are again making available our annual performance scorecard that tabulates the achievements of AGRA-funded and supported programs in the 16 countries in which we are investing. The information presented here demonstrates what can be achieved through sustained investments in Africa agriculture, in partnership with grantees, agencies, national agriculture research institutions, private seed companies, and a number of other stakeholders.