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  • May 06 2022
    Field Note Bringing Wastewater Monitoring to Rohingya in Bangladeshi Refugee Camps In the world’s largest refugee community, open sewage that runs between homes in shallow trenches overflows with frequent flooding. Children, many barefoot, play in fields at the bottom of hills, where wastewater runoff often settles. Nearly everyone baths in surface water, which is vulnerable to biological and chemical contamination. And the community cleans its open […] Masha Hamilton
  • Apr 27 2022
    Field Note Building Pathogen Monitoring Networks Across Kenya Growing up in a farming household in Homa Bay, a rural town in western Kenya along Lake Victoria, Dr. Samuel Oyola was often sick. So were his four older siblings and their parents. “We called it malaria—but we called everything malaria if you had a fever,” he remembers with a laugh. Diagnoses were frequently catch-alls […] Masha Hamilton
  • Apr 12 2022
    Human Impact Fellowships Help Fill Genomic Sequencing Gaps in Africa When the Covid-19 pandemic began, only a single lab in Malawi was working to sample SARS-CoV-2 viruses in this country of 19.55 million people. Only four people were working in that lab. One of them was technologist Lucious Chabuka. “On a normal day, I was at work by 6 a.m. and tried to leave by […] Masha Hamilton
  • Apr 07 2022
    Field Note Bringing Wastewater Tracking to Tribal Lands to Protect Families and Elders It was an eclectic gathering: Tribal leaders, an academic, a wastewater facility operator and a healthcare official, all joining forces in the fight against Covid-19. The spark behind this meeting? A partnership between Tribal communities and Arizona State University, with support from the Pandemic Prevention Institute and The Rockefeller Foundation. Together, the goal is to equip the […] Masha Hamilton
  • Mar 08 2022
    Blueprint Saving Lives While Listening in the Amazon Basin When José Irumenga, 27, began talking to his tiny Indigenous community in the Ecuadorean Amazon about using Western medicine, including vaccines, to fight a disease born on a distant shore, his distrustful neighbors warned that if harm befell a single one of them, they would kill him. Irumenga took the threat seriously; he considered abandoning […] Masha Hamilton
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