Joseph Curtin

Managing DirectorPower, The Rockefeller Foundation

As a Managing Director on the Power & Climate team, Joseph Curtin manages relationships with partners and grantees, identifies market gaps and prospective areas of focus that can further the team’s objective of achieving an equitable transition to a net-zero emissions global economy, and partners with other Rockefeller Foundation initiatives to integrate climate considerations.

Prior to joining the Foundation, he was a member of the Irish Government’s Climate Change Advisory Council and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of International and European Affairs. He previously worked for the OECD evaluating the climate policy performance of countries across the world, for the National Economic and Social Council (an advisory body to the Irish Prime Minister) and at University College Cork. He has contributed on climate mitigation, climate finance and international climate negotiations to the New York Times, BBC, Foreign Policy, the Financial Times, the Atlantic, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, and has published on these topics in leading academic journals.

He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, the London School of Economics, and he has a Ph.D. on climate finance from University College Cork.

Authored Content

  • Jun 08 2020
    Perspective Should We Use Covid-19 to Respond to the Climate Emergency? There are two sharply divergent views about the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for global efforts to tackle climate change. Some policy experts and activists believe we must deprioritize climate action, while others take the view that this moment presents a unique – and perhaps final – window of opportunity to set the world on […] Elizabeth Yee, Joseph Curtin
  • Feb 24 2020
    Perspective If We Fail on Inequality We Will Also Fail on Climate At the end of January in the mountain resort of Davos, political, corporate, and philanthropic leaders gathered to discuss how they could build a cohesive and sustainable world. The star attraction was a teenager in a hoodie, without title, position or wealth – the young climate activist, Greta Thunberg. She delivered a stark reminder that “our […] Elizabeth Yee, Joseph Curtin