Elena Martínez

R&D Director, SOS Carbon

Big Bet: Prevent biodiversity and livelihood adaptation challenges by harvesting harmful sargassum nearshore

Project: Expand the deployment of sargassum harvesting systems throughout the Caribbean to address the severe sargassum crisis in the region and transform it into an opportunity for sustainable development and community empowerment. The project is designed to encompass sargassum harvesting and the provision of training and education on its conversion into high-value products, creating employment opportunities, fostering the blue economy, promoting ocean literacy, and supporting sustainable economic growth in underserved coastal communities.

Elena is an Oceanographer with dual master’s degrees in Applied Blue Biotechnology, currently pursuing a PhD in Biotechnology and Biomedicine with an industrial mention. She heads the Research and Development Department at SOS Carbon while concurrently serving as Environmental Program Manager at Terra & Marre Foundation. Elena’s passion and expertise lies at the nexus of Marine Biotech, Blue Economy and Climate Action. She believes in harnessing the transformative potential of our oceans to mitigate climate change and drive sustainable development, viewing them not just as a resource, but as a vital partner in our journey towards a more resilient future.