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Mikiko Hara, 2019

Artist: Mikiko Hara
Medium: chromogenic print, Ed. of 2 of 10 plus 2 APs
Dimensions: 14 x 14 in / 36 x 36 cm

Mikiko Hara was born in Japan where she still lives. She is one of the leading contemporary female photographers in Japan, who captures “empty” moments in the blink of an eye before they form any meaning. Hara’s quietly provocative and satirical portrayal of urban inhabitants and landscapes is not mere social commentary, but a deeper philosophical examination of human life, the sort often observed by novelists and filmmakers. She explores this philosophy through hundreds of color photographs made over three decades of her career. By avoiding the use of a view-finder she achieves a spontaneous vision. By applying a slow shutter-speed to her fast-moving subjects, the moment seen through her own eyes remains a hair behind the time the shutter has closed, creating a unique split-second lag that brings an unexpected affect to her work.

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