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There is a land beyond the river, 저 건너 강 건너편에

Gyun Hur, 2021

Artist: Gyun Hur
Medium: hand-blown glass vessels, river water Brooklyn, NY
Dimensions: each vessel: 3 1/2-7 in x 3-4 ½ in / variable overall

Born in South Korea, Gyun Hur moved to Georgia at the age of 13, and currently lives in Brooklyn. Hur constructs visual and emotional spaces where diasporic narratives of loss and beauty reside. River water is hand-collected and carefully transferred to these glass vessels. Hur sees the river’s constant movement as a choreography of letting go while generating life. In her childhood memories from South Korea, rivers were sites of mourning, washing, and rejoicing. In the larger context, rivers hold ecological memories of abundance, eradication, borders, and power. In the menial labor of accumulating and transforming materials, she asks herself what holds us together; stories, yearnings, rituals, and spirituality.

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