Permanent Collection/

I am Human

Alexis Zoto, 2021

Artist: Alexis Zoto
Medium: cotton, acrylic, chenille, kids jeans, and shibori dyed kitchen string
Dimensions: 17 x 21 1/2 in / 43 x 55 cm

Albanian artist Alexis Zoto’s practice is informed by the immigrant experience of straddling different identities, cultures. Inspired by traditions of resourceful female weavers, Alexis upcycles found materials such as children’s ribbons, shoe laces, tinsel and dry cleaner bags using a mother’s ‘home economics’ style of creativity and innovation. The weavings contain messages such as ‘Mashallah,’ (what God has willed has happened), and ‘I am human,’ hauntingly suggest a woman’s desire for peace amidst the trauma of geopolitical conflict, violence, erasure, and displacement.

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