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A Voluminous Crush

Alvin Luong, 2021-2022

Artist: Alvin Luong
Medium: photography printed on tarp
Dimensions: height 84” x 123 ¼ in

Alvin Luong creates artworks based on stories of human migration, land, and dialogues from diasporic communities. These stories are combined with biography, humor, and magic realism to produce artworks that reflect on how people are intimately affected by historical developments in society. The artist has concentrated on tracing the multi-generational migrations by his family from persecution, poverty, and war in Asia Pacific in order to anticipate how future crises in the region, such as Climate Change, may further affect people. Underpinning Luong’s practice is a questioning of contemporary subjectivity in a globalized world that at once restricts and allows for the flow of people, culture, and commodities. This series of photographs of mundane scenes in the artist’s daily life living in Vietnam have been made to appear as if the inks that compose the photographs have washed away due to contact with water, which is part of the artist’s contemplation and preparation for the moment in which his family in Ho Chi Minh City will begin a climate migration.

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