About UsTeam Devon Klatell

Devon Klatell joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2013. As associate director for strategic planning, Ms. Klatell partners with initiative teams to construct roadmaps that guide programmatic work and facilitate progress toward initiative goals. In this capacity, she collaborates with teams on a range of issues, including implementation strategies, risk assessment and mitigation plans, resource deployment, and target-setting. Additionally, she helps to adapt program strategies for initiatives in execution as external conditions change and internal learning evolves. As the lead of the Foundation’s strategic planning team, Ms. Klatell also works on developing internal methodologies for dynamic project management, work planning, and evidence-based decision-making.

Prior to taking on her current role, Ms. Klatell was a member of the Foundation’s strategic research team, and before joining the Foundation, she was a management consultant at Katzenbach Partners and at Booz & Company. In these roles, she advised clients from a range of sectors on strategic, organizational, and employee engagement issues.

Ms. Klatell holds a B.A. from Harvard University in cognitive psychology and recently earned an M.A. in food systems from New York University, where she researched behavioral economics in addition to a broad array of cultural, historic, economic, and regulatory food issues.