Achieving gender inclusivity in the workplace. Bringing more women to the C-suite by 2025


It is no secret that women have historically faced greater barriers than men when it comes to fully participating in the economy. Across geographies and income levels, disparities between men and women persist in the form of pay gaps, uneven opportunities for advancement, and unbalanced representation in important decision-making.

Women in leadership, however, have proven to be beneficial for both the company and individual employees. Women bring different perspectives and approaches to business, resulting in a more inclusive workplace and often better performance for the company. There is even evidence to suggest that when women lead, pay gaps between men and women narrow and newly hired employees are offered more equitable pay, regardless of gender.

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According to the Foundation’s original research, of the people surveyed:

  • 76 percent believe that more women in leadership can reduce the pay gap between men and women
  • 74 percent believe more women in leadership can change workplace policies to benefit both men and women
  • 71 percent believe more women in leadership can attract a more diverse workforce

Americans believe that business leaders and companies have a significant role to play in reducing the gender gap in leadership positions.

Our research showed that 84 percent of Americans agree that businesses have a responsibility to actively recruit women into leadership positions.

Concerted efforts to eliminate gender disparities in the C-suite and the boardroom can go a long way toward improving opportunity for women to advance within the workplace.

It’s time we make that happen.

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Company Spotlight

More and more, companies are introducing programs or policies to help make their workplace more inclusive.

  • General Motors (GM)
    As the first female CEO of General Motors (GM) and the first female CEO of a major automotive company, Mary Barra has transformed the company culture at GM. Under Mary’s leadership GM launched “Take 2 Career Re-Entry,” an internship program, which that brings female engineers, who have taken a break in their careers, back into the workforce.

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