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Nairobi, Kenya

Since the early 20th century, The Rockefeller Foundation’s work in Africa has focused on addressing critical issues surrounding poverty and economic instability. Over the years, the Foundation’s support has led to the development of vaccines for deadly diseases, increased the accessibility of higher education, established more resilient and effective health systems, and supported smallholder farmers through more resilient farming practices.

  • Farm worker storing harvested maize in a silo in Nhamuka village.
    A farm worker stores harvested maize in a silo in Nhamuka village to buffer the effects of soaring food prices. (Photo credit: FAO)

Today, our office in Nairobi, Kenya, leads much of the Foundation’s work to unleash economic growth in Africa, while tackling major issues, including food security, climate change, and rapid urbanization. Our partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, called the Alliance for a Green Revolution for Africa (AGRA), is working to catalyze transformation across the agricultural value chain. Our YieldWise initiative is exploring new ways to reduce post-harvest food loss that impacts farmers’ incomes and ecosystems. The Global Resilience Partnership is building resilience in some Africa’s most vulnerable regions. And our work on innovative finance and impact investing is helping to secure additional funding for solving Africa’s problems of tomorrow.