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Statement by Dr. Rajiv J. Shah, on the Release of the White House’s “American Pandemic Preparedness” Plan

On behalf of The Rockefeller Foundation, I welcome the release of the White House’s “American Pandemic Preparedness” plan. As during previous pandemics, Covid-19 has reminded us that data is our secret weapon. The more data we have and share—the more dots we connect—the better we can direct our public health tools to stop the next highly contagious disease outbreak from becoming the next pandemic.

With the release of “American Pandemic Preparedness,” President Biden has committed the United States to the hard work and investments required to prevent future pandemics. The plan correctly addresses the risks we face, identifies the key gaps in America’s preparedness, and prioritizes the need for data and partnerships. When funded and implemented, this strategy can make Americans, and—with additional steps to ensure global equity—those around the world, far safer. As The Rockefeller Foundation has throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we look forward to collaborating with the U.S. government and others on pandemic prevention, vaccinations, and more.   

Together, we can all meet this moment and stop the next pandemic before it even starts.

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