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President-Elect Joe Biden’s Formation of a Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board

Over a career in public service, President-elect Joe Biden has time and again demonstrated his commitment to human dignity.  On Capitol Hill, during his vice presidency, and throughout this historic campaign, the President-elect’s work has been rooted in a belief that dignity matters: to each individual, in our country and around the world. 

That’s a commitment The Rockefeller Foundation shares.  For the past 107 years we have fought – and we will continue to fight – to extend the reach of dignity and opportunity for all. 

Because of this shared commitment and these shared values, I am confident The Rockefeller Foundation has a tremendous opportunity to partner with a Biden administration on a number of initiatives, the first priority being an accelerated response to Covid-19 and helping catalyze a green recovery to help vulnerable populations around the world. 

In the weeks and months ahead, we look forward to working with this new administration as well as those in both parties in the United States and our many partners abroad to build a more equitable, sustainable world, one where the dignity and opportunity of even the most vulnerable are ensured.