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New Initiative to Improve the Accountability of Climate Finance to Launch Today

A new initiative to increase the accountability of climate finance adaptation programs will be launched today in Doha, at the sidelines of the UN Climate Change conference by Oxfam, the Overseas Development Institute, and the World Resources Institute with funding from The Rockefeller Foundation.

The ‘Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative’ will pilot new innovative tracking and monitoring tools that will improve the transparency and accountability of adaptation finance delivered to the local level, so that it meets the needs of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Working with local civil society groups, it will track adaptation finance in Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda, and Zambia and share lessons through alliances across Africa and Asia. It will build on the participating institutions’ ongoing work on climate change resilience and finance.

It will also make the case for greater transparency and accountability at global institutions like the new Green Climate Fund, as well as other international funding bodies and with national governments.

About the initiative, Oxfam America Climate Change Program Director David Waskow said: “While we need governments to scale up climate finance to help poor communities adapt to climate change this week in Doha, we also need innovative initiatives like the Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative to make sure these funds are used in the most effective way.”

Heather McGray of the World Resources Institute said: “It is crucial that the people who are benefiting from climate finance have a say in how the money is spent, so that it can best serve their efforts to adapt to climate change.”

Anthony Wolimbwa of the Climate Action Network Uganda said: “We believe this initiative can enable developing countries to establish efficient and effective systems that deliver funds to the most vulnerable. Accountability and transparency are key ingredients in ensuring sustainable finance.”

Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio, associate director, The Rockefeller Foundation said: “The Rockefeller Foundation is delighted to support Oxfam America, the Overseas Development Institute, and the World Resources Institute to ensure that dollars are set aside to build resilience to climate change in the most vulnerable places, and at the most local level.

“As extreme weather continues to become the global norm, it has become more critical than ever to have effective programs that help the most vulnerable people withstand the harmful impacts of climate change.”

For more information: Oxfam International media lead in Doha: Sunita Bose on +974 5504 6084, after December 8 +1 650 353 1936, or Rockerfeller Foundation media contact Kalee Kreider of Fenton Communications on +1 615 332 5004.