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Encourage Capital Releases Report on Investment Strategies for Sustainable Fisheries in Brazil, Chile and The Philippines

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Rockefeller Foundation

NEW YORK – Each year, more than $50 billion of economic value is lost due to poor fisheries management, depleting the oceans and affecting global seafood production. Today, Encourage Capital released the second installment of its comprehensive investment report, analyzing how investors can deploy capital in efforts to protect and restore global fisheries.

The report, “Investing for Sustainable Global Fisheries,” delivers a series of six blueprints about investments in fisheries in Brazil, Chile and the Philippines, which account for 7% of the global fish supply. The strategies are based on real-life examples and are available free of charge at

“More than 1 billion people globally rely on seafood as their primary source of protein, but 40% of fisheries are considered to be overexploited or collapsed,” said Jason Scott, Co-Managing Partner at

Encourage Capital. “Encourage Capital’s Investment Blueprints demonstrate that there are ways to earn real profits through sustainable seafood investing strategies that improve seafood yield, enhance supply chain efficiency, and reduce supply volatility.”

The report is part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative and The Rockefeller Foundation’s Oceans & Fisheries Initiative. It is the first philanthropic effort to bring together investment specialists and marine conservation experts to analyze and describe in detail private capital financing strategies that support fishery reform efforts. Encourage Capital developed the Investment Blueprints in close collaboration with nonprofit conservation groups Oceana and Rare.

“Bloomberg Philanthropies launched the Vibrant Oceans Initiative to address the critical need to replenish fish populations across the world. By properly managing fisheries, we can increase the number of fish in the ocean by half,” said Michael R. Bloomberg. “But ensuring sustainable fisheries is a complex problem that requires cooperation by the public and private sectors. This partnership with Encourage Capital, along with Oceana and Rare, will develop a comprehensive approach to help both industrial fisheries and local communities transition to more sustainable fishing practices.”

“While food security economists project that we will need to increase seafood supplies by 70% over the next several decades to keep pace with economic and population growth, fisheries around the world are already overexploited,” said Ricardo Bayon, Partner and Co-Founder at Encourage Capital. “Encourage Capital created this report to show investors, entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments and fishers that through investment decisions, private capital can drive solutions that stabilize or even expand the global seafood supply.”

“To solve the complex problems facing our world today, like the health of Earth’s oceans, requires innovative thinking and, increasingly, more resources than philanthropy and government alone can provide—which is why it’s vital to surface new ways of unlocking private capital for public good,” said Judith Rodin, President of The Rockefeller Foundation. “These investment blueprints demonstrate the important role for impact investors to play in increasing the health and productivity of coastal fisheries.

These strategies deliver financial returns, while simultaneously preserving marine ecosystems, securing livelihoods for the poor and vulnerable, and building more inclusive economies around the world.”

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