Making Good Food More Sustainable: Exploring the intersection between agriculture and energy

As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on food security, climate change continues to present a major and long-lasting crisis for our food systems.

At the same time, the food and agriculture sectors are some of the major contributors to climate change, accounting for 70 percent of global freshwater use and nearly a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.

On the sidelines of the Borlaug Dialogue, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a panel discussion on how innovation at the intersection of agriculture and energy can build more resilient and sustainable food systems and deliver good food to all. Moderated by Roy Steiner, Senior Vice President of our Food Initiative, the panel featured leading experts who discussed how to create an enabling environment for farmers and SMEs to access renewable energy.

Speakers included:

-Olivier Dubois, Senior Natural Resources Officer and Coordinator of the Energy Programme, FAO

-Tei Mukunya, CEO, Azuri Health -Jeffrey Prins, Programme Manager of Renewable Energy, IKEA Foundation

-Seth Silverman, Principal, Factor[e] Ventures