Shaking Up Systems with Big Bets

Episode 31

Why are big bets essential for large-scale change? Making big bets often requires a shift in the very systems that sustain society, from the ways we use land and resources to how we protect our environment and people. The bold actions of visionary leaders can set a precedent for transformative progress, laying the groundwork for a sustainable and equitable future.

In this episode of #RFBreakthrough, titled “Shaking Up Systems with Big Bets”, we speak to Big Bets Climate fellows Daniela Orofino, Reinhold Gallmetzer, Mariolga Reyes Cruz and Felipe Villela on how they are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through strategic high-impact solutions.

Moderated by Nathalia A. M. dos Santos from RF’s Convenings and Networks team, the panel will explore the Fellows’ groundbreaking efforts designed to meaningfully better the world.

This event was broadcasted across The Rockefeller Foundation’s social media pages TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube on June 27th at 10:00 AM ET.

We are joined by four of our Climate Fellows working in Latin America to push the boundaries of what’s possible through strategic high-impact solutions.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Panel of Experts:


woman smiling

Nathalia A. M. dos Santos
Convenings & Networks
The Rockefeller Foundation


Reinhold Gallmetzer
Founder and Chair
Climate Crime Analysis

Daniela Orofino
Executive Director
Amazonia de Pe’

Mariolga Reyes Cruz
Co-founder and Executive Director
FiTiCAS Agroecology Commons


Felipe Villela
Head of LATAM
The Landbanking Group