May 05 2023
Climate Data for Community Action
Climate Data for Community Action to hear experts from DataKind, Ecological Citizen’s Project & Initiative for Energy Justice discuss solutions using data to combat unequal access to energy, from grassroots to the policy level.
Jan 31 2023
Implementing Climate Action in America’s Cities
#HappeningNow - Tune in for our latest #RFBreakthrough: Implementing Climate Action in America’s Cities, a conversation with local experts on climate justice and how the Inflation Reduction Act might transform …
May 25 2022
The Africa WE Are Creating: Inspiration from Innovators
We're celebrating #AfricaDay by hearing from innovators on how they are helping transform Africa into a global powerhouse of the future. Join the #RFBreakthrough discussion live featuring panelists: William Asiko, @The …
Mar 24 2022
Advancing Good Food for All
The Rockefeller Foundation has a longstanding commitment to improve lives and the planet, and unleash human potential through innovation. We are dedicated to the principle that all people have the …
Feb 14 2022
Defending Against Disinformation
The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that access to accurate, timely and actionable information is a matter of life and death. Mis- and disinformation has blocked too many people’s opportunity to …