Oct 07 2021
FoodxFilm Festival 2021
Food 2050 Trailer
For an upcoming release, Food 2050 points the camera at 10 of the world’s most innovative, optimistic, and audacious visionaries, seeking to heal the planet and our bodies through food …
Jul 14 2021
What is the true cost of food?
The American food system costs more than what we pay at the store. Considering the impacts on health, the environment, and society, the hidden costs add up, and communities of …
Nov 21 2018
Cutting Food Loss in Half | World Food Day 2017
One-third of the world's available food either spoils or gets thrown away--that's enough to feed everyone in the world for two months. We can’t sustain a nourishing food system if …
Oct 16 2018
Meet Roy Steiner
Roy Steiner, the Managing Director of Food Initiative at The Rockefeller Foundation, is dedicated to building a food system that at once account for human health and nutrition, environmental impact, …