Sep 25 2019
Convenings & Partnerships
Data for Health Equity: Unlocking Health for All
The Rockefeller Foundation and UNICEF held an event during UNGA exploring the potential of data to revolutionize health around the world. We’re pleased to feature remarks from: • Dr. Rajiv …
Sep 28 2018
Convenings & Partnerships
Achieving #SDG7 by turning waste into energy
Aimee Christensen, Executive Director of the Sun Valley Institute joined our 17 Rooms convening and moderated the discussion on solving #SDG7 – Affordable & Clean Energy. Here’s her take on a solution submitted by …
Sep 28 2018
Convenings & Partnerships
Achieving #SDG17 by promoting sincerity & humane values
Daniella Ballou-Aares from Dalberg was one of the moderators for our 17 Rooms convening on #SDG17 – Partnerships for the Goals. Here’s her take on a suggestion submitted by agrees with Bernardo from Mexico …
Jan 10 2017
Convenings & Partnerships
Bellagio Center Thematic Residency on Human Behavior
The Rockefeller Foundation and PopTech brought together a group of select joint fellows to participate in the inaugural offering of a unique collaborative incubator focused on topics relevant to the …