Feb 15 2024
Scaling the JETP Model – Prospects and Pathways for Action
At COP28, leaders backed a historic shift away from fossil fuels for human progress. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Environmental Defense Fund teamed up, exploring Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETP). A report outlines four paths for leaders to overcome barriers and extend JETP benefits globally, transforming the transition into a beacon of inclusive progress and environmental resilience.
Power Global
Feb 13 2024
CNN Academy
CNN Academy's new climate storytelling program aims to give voice to the communities most affected by climate change. #CNNacademy
Jan 18 2024
Investing in the Rockefeller Model of Philanthropy
In 1964, The Atlantic began a review of The Rockefeller Foundation’s impact on its 50th year of operations with a series of questions: “An evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation, as …