Jul 10 2024
Impact Report 2023
Unlocking Finance
We are working to tap new sources of capital for renewable energy while funding partners committed to global ecological restoration.
Jul 10 2024
Zero Gap Fund: State of the Portfolio 2023
The Zero Gap Fund (ZGF), now in its fifth year, has committed $30 million across 12 investments, mobilizing $1.04 billion from partnering investors to address global challenges through innovative financial structures, focusing on climate change, regenerative agriculture, financial inclusion, and access to essential services.
Innovative Finance Global
Jun 28 2024
Learning Today to Transform Opportunity Tomorrow
This report chronicles The Rockefeller Foundation’s journey in 2023 to reimagine our work and learn from past successes and shortcomings, all with the goal of improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.
Apr 22 2024
Fighting Climate Change by Upgrading New York City’s Buildings
Learn more about how NYCEEC finances energy efficiency projects in New York City buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They prioritize innovative technologies such as passive house design and building electrification, with a focus on low-income communities.
Climate Finance
Closing the investment gap to achieve global net zero
Climate Innovative Finance Global
Jul 21 2023
Zero Gap Fund: State of the Portfolio 2022
The Rockefeller Foundation's Zero Gap Fund (ZGF) invests in innovative solutions for global challenges, partnering with the Catalytic Capital Consortium (C3) to attract private investment. Notable 2022 investments include tech startups and resilient enterprises in Ukraine and Moldova. The fund's 2022 State of the Portfolio report highlights its impact, demonstrating catalytic capital's role in mobilizing private investment for positive global change.
Innovative Finance Global