Awarded Apr 17-2024
Yayasan Plan International Indonesia 2024
In support of providing climate leadership development for youth from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on young women, people with disabilities, and youth from indigenous and ethnic minority communities
    Awarded Apr 29-2024
    Investor Leadership Network 2024
    in general support of its mission to drive the transition to a sustainable and inclusive global economy through thoughtful and informed alignment of capital
      Awarded Apr 03-2024
      Dasra 2024
      in general support its mission to strengthen local non-profits by building their organizational capacity, facilitate cohort-based programs, and develop fundraising and sustainability strategies to maximize benefit to vulnerable populations
        Awarded Nov 21-2023
        The Robert A. Toigo Foundation 2023
        in general support of advancing education and outreach for students interested in studying finance at the MBA level.
          Awarded Dec 13-2023
          German Marshal Fund 2023
          in support of government, civil society and private sector dialogues and educational efforts for journalists to combat authoritarian influence related to misinformation to protect national elections and democratic institutions.
            Awarded Dec 15-2023
            Global Fairness Initiative 2023
            in support of building institutional capacity to address the barriers faced by women-owned social enterprises
              Awarded Dec 15-2023
              Sustainable Energy for All 2023
              in support of developing carbon market activation plans in Ghana, Nigeria and Rwanda as a basis for attracting climate finance for economic development