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Data Science for Equity

Current Initiative

From its beginning, the Rockefeller Foundation has been a data-driven philanthropy focused on innovation and finding solutions to the world’s most pressing and persistent challenges. The Data Science for Social Impact team leverages our research, analysis, funding and partnering capabilities to ensure that the most advanced data science and machine learning tools are deployed in ways that empower underserved communities, bridge knowledge gaps, prevent harm, and increase equity.

To do this, we hold frequent convenings in order to build a network that brings together data scientists from across the field. We build products for internal teams within the Foundation, and have trusted relationships with grantees. Across the US and worldwide, we make early investments in young organizations and connect them with other partners. Our research helps us find people and organizations that have solved problems using data science. We work to apply those solutions to other problems like climate change and climate health.

Why it Matters

Innovation is critical to deal with a changing world, increasing sustainability, and equitably supporting human well-being.

    population lacks access to the internet


    of organizations see data science as a key component furthering their digital innovations


    and foundations are working in the data for social good space

Impact Stories