The 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly ended on September 30th, and so did our #GlobalGoalsVision activation. Two weeks ago, we asked our online community: how do the Sustainable Development Goals inform your own vision of building a better future for everyone, everywhere?

The global response was overwhelming: we heard from over 3,000 people in 165 countries over the span of just two weeks. We will share in the coming days what we learned—bookmark this page or sign up above for our newsletter to receive our updates.

The world is facing some of the most complex and critical challenges of all time, making the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals more important than ever. At The Rockefeller Foundation, we will continue to work on improving the lives of vulnerable families locked out of prosperity through science, technology, and innovation by focusing on areas where we can drive the most progress: health, food, power, and jobs.

We are grateful to our online community for their submissions and inspired ideas on how we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and make the world a better place. We hope you will stay energized and engaged—we know we will.