Day of Service Helps Children's Home

The Africa Regional Office held its Day of Service on at the Happy Life Children’s Home in Nairobi, which provides shelter to abandoned babies.

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Launch of R4: Rural Resilience Initiative

Oxfam America, a Rockefeller Foundation grantee, and the UN World Food Programme created R4: Rural Resilience Initiative to empower rural households with integrated risk management tools.

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Africa Office

Jonas Bendikson

Building on many decades of work in African countries, the Rockefeller Foundation supports innovative efforts to improve health systems and to use agricultural advances to diminish poverty, hunger and malnutrition, among other projects.

Improved crop varieties can contribute to eliminating hunger for 30 million people, and move 15 million out of poverty.

The Foundation has invested millions of dollars in partnerships with African government entities as well as academic and civic institutions.  These collaborations aim to tackle the major issues—from climate change to rapid urbanization—that are hindering the progress of so many people, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Women Farmers

Kenya Farmers' Helpline

See how Kenyan farmers are picking up their mobile phones for instant advice on increasing their crop yields and profits.



Strategic H20: Key to African Farmers’ Survival

Poverty and food insecurity are linked to low agricultural productivity aggravated by climate change. Innovative water management systems could provide solutions.