Every day, through consistent work, The Rockefeller Foundation collaborates with its determined and innovative grantees to achieve transformative, equitable change and improve lives and livelihoods.

We have our sights on persistent crises, such as the battle against climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

We double-down when we see a potential challenge on the horizon, such as possible supply chain breaks and a global food crisis in the year ahead.

We also bring our ability to be nimble to immediate emergencies like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the violent Iranian protests. We aim to find meaningful ways to add value and support the work our grantees are doing globally.

From searching for lost children in Ukraine to supercharging carbon credits, or supporting civil society in Iran, the grantees highlighted in this quarter’s Matter of Impact focus on a range of crises and vulnerable communities in critical and urgent need. We invite you to read and join us in sharing these compelling stories.

Together, we can combat crises and make opportunity universal.

Featured Stories

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