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Project Access Covid Tests (ACT)

Increasing Access to Easy, At-Home Covid-19 Tests

In January 2022, The Rockefeller Foundation launched Project Access Covid Tests (Project ACT), a public-private partnership paving the way to get more at-home Covid-19 tests in the hands of more people across the country—starting with those most likely to be at risk of contracting the disease. The Foundation provided an initial $7.45 million investment in a ready-to-use distribution model in partnership with the Arkansas, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio State Health Departments; test manufacturer iHealth; health technology platform company CareEvolution; and logistics provider and distribution leader

While the program is currently limited to one order, per residential address during this first phase, The Rockefeller Foundation is actively working to bring in new partners to scale the program to additional states. In addition to building in lessons learned from the initial six pilot states, the Foundation will engage its public charity, RF Catalytic Capital, Inc. (RFCC), to serve as the cost aggregator for the states, providing an “all-in” price that drives down the costs of tests, logistics, and distribution.

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