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JULY 2021

JUNE 2021

Jun 09 2021
Field Note
How Better Data Management Boosts Power Delivery in India
In this Q&A, SPI’s Umang Maheshwari dives into the great leaps the organization has made through smarter data management, and the progress SPI has made helping solar power to deliver on the fulness of its promise.

MAY 2021

May 25 2021
A Blueprint for Equitable Vaccination Centers
Across the United States, public officials and community leaders are working to achieve racial equity in vaccinations by expanding access, lowering barriers, and building confidence. More than half of U.S. …
May 24 2021
The Race to Eliminate Lead-Contaminated Drinking Water
Millions of U.S. families are exposed to lead through contaminated water piped into their homes; children are particularly at risk of neurological damage and developmental delays. But the data needed …