Bellagio Bulletin

Current Edition

  • May 2023

    At The Rockefeller Foundation, our mission is to make opportunity universal and sustainable. Facing crises of climate, inequality, democracy, and health, humanity has never needed institutions more. This newsletter highlights efforts to build innovative institutions that are fit for purpose in today’s world – and the people leading those efforts.

Previous Editions

  • December 2022

    When it comes to climate justice, The Rockefeller Foundation is taking urgent steps to support and protect our planet. Globally, we are on a path to 2.7 degrees of warming, resulting in unbearably harsh living conditions that will affect us all, especially the most poor and vulnerable. We can’t afford to let that happen if we want to avoid the consequences of poverty, hunger, migration, displacement, and disease.
  • September 2022

    We, at The Rockefeller Foundation, are committed to gender equality and the Bellagio Center has helped us to advance the global gender equality agenda. The activities and conversations at Bellagio have prompted meaningful outcomes. Many convenings and residences highlighted here focused on rallying women pioneers worldwide.
  • May 2022

    Featuring Saumya Roy, Ben Hecht, Mariana Rondon, Tsitsi Dangaremba on People and Ideas of Bellagio, a Conversation with Marianne Fisher, and catching up with Mayra Santos-Febres, Laura Raicovitch, and Carla Koppell.