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Nov 30 2020
Great Transitions: Doubling Down on the Sustainable Development Goals
The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the world’s extraordinary fragility and highlighted trenchant societal inequalities. Managing the pandemic has been hard enough and doing so while addressing other urgent stresses – …
Sustainable Development Technology & Innovation Global
Nov 18 2020
Smart Power India: Demand Generation Handbook
India has made phenomenal strides in achieving universal electrification, and with the government's persistent efforts, all villages in India have been electrified and today, almost 100% households have received electricity …
Power Asia
Oct 26 2020
Consumption Trends | Smart Power Myanmar
Rural energy consumption in Myanmar remains largely unknown and challenging to predict, posing a significant problem for mini-grid developers. Equipped with a deeper understanding of historic and likely future energy …
Power Asia
Oct 01 2020
Counting the City: Mayoral Views on the 2020 Census
As the 2020 Census concludes at the end of September, a large majority of the mayors of America’s major cities are extremely concerned that their cities’ populations will be undercounted. …
Economic Equity U.S. & the Americas
Sep 24 2020
State of Global Mini-Grids Market Report 2020
From the arid plains of Myanmar’s Dry Zone to the forests of the Amazon, mini-grids are starting to play an indispensable role in the mission to connect millions of people …
Power Asia
Sep 18 2020
Zero Gap Fund Update
Climate change, food insecurity, inequality, energy poverty, the threat of pandemics: these are the defining challenges of our time; challenges that require significantly more resources than philanthropy and government alone can …
Innovative Finance Global