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Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing: Message Brief

Over a year since the pandemic began, Americans are turning a corner due to widespread vaccination efforts. Yet as Covid-19 evolves and new variants emerge, it is natural to be concerned about how to remain protected so that Americans don’t need to go back into lockdown. Widespread Covid-19 testing remains the best way to stop new outbreaks before they start and protect the people we love.

In our fourth wave of a national tracking survey on public attitudes, we saw encouraging data that Americans still believe testing is important to ending the pandemic—even as vaccination rates rise. Additionally, most people are willing to be tested, including 75% of parents who say they are willing to have their child tested in school. This Message Brief is a culmination of the data from the survey, including high-level audience insights and message recommendations for public health communicators.

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    Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing: Message Brief

    As public attention has turned to vaccines, it is more important than ever that we reinforce the importance of widespread testing to stop new outbreaks before they start. We are launching a Message Brief on Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing to explore the motivations behind Americans getting tested even as vaccinations rates rise. Insights are informed by a nationally-representative study conducted by Hattaway Communications to identify how vaccination status may or may not affect attitudes about testing.
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In this session originally held on June 16, 2021, Hattaway Communications, which conducted a nationally representative study on behalf of The Rockefeller Foundation’s State and Territory Alliance for Testing (STAT), reports on people’s perceptions about the importance of Covid-19 testing and the most effective messages in encouraging them to get tested. Topics include: Communicating the […]

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