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Delivering Vaccines for Emerging Infectious Diseases

Equitably developed vaccines for emerging infectious diseases (EID) are an urgent global priority. At an EID vaccine summit organized by IAVI and sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation, experts and stakeholders looked across 25 years of outbreak response and vaccine development, identifying critical gaps and opportunities in the areas of research and development (R&D), equitable access, and financing.

This white paper summarizes the major themes and takeaways from the summit — including how to break the “boom and bust” cycles of emergency response, how to translate interest in EIDs into R&D for effective vaccines, and how to ensure that equitable access to those lifesaving technologies.

Key Findings:


    and advocates contributed insights


    identified to improve EID vaccine R&D


    of partnership between IAVI & The Rockefeller Foundation

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    Delivering Vaccines for Emerging Infectious Diseases

    The International AIDS Vaccine Alliance (IAVI) and The Rockefeller Foundation identify opportunities for research & development partnerships in pursuit of new, accessible vaccines against Emerging Infectious Diseases.
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