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Rebecca Dixon

October 2022 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: October 2022

Project: “The Case for Ending Occupational Segregation”

Rebecca Dixon is a national leader in federal workers’ rights advocacy and on issues of labor and racial, gender, and economic justice. Dixon came to Bellagio in October 2022 to analyze the laws, policies and practices that undergird the persistent segregation of opportunity, examine what’s worked in the past to narrow race and gender wage gaps, and call on federal, state and local governments to establish concrete goals and a timeline to close race and gender wage gaps. Currently, no such commitment exists, and these gaps are widening. She is the Executive Director of the National Employment Law Project (NELP).

Authored Content

  • Feb 27 2023
    Perspective Rebecca Dixon on Race, Gender, and Economic Justice "People are working hard and working multiple jobs, and still can’t thrive. Policymakers and corporations have stacked the system against folks in this way. In the United States, 87 percent of occupations are considered racially segregated, and that’s after you control education.” Rebecca Dixon