Bellagio Residents/

Philip Miller

May 2022 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: May 2022

Project: “Glow- The life and trials of Simon Nkoli- a musical for drag, lip-synch, and dee-jay”

Philip Miller is a world renowned composer and sound artist. He came to Bellagio in May of 2022 to compose the ‘voguing opera,’ about Simon Nkoli, a gay anti-apartheid activist, who came ‘out of the closet and into the streets’ (“GLOW- The Life and Trials of Simon Nkoli”). His ability to work across different musical genres and media has lead him to collaborate with choreographers, theatre-makers and visual artists, including his long-time collaborator William Kentridge. He is currently an honorary fellow at The Archive and Public Culture Institute, University of Cape Town.