Bellagio Residents/

Leng Leng Chancey

November 2023 Cohort

Bellagio Residency: November 2023

Project: “Saving Ourselves: New Rules of Engagement for our Movement”

Leng Leng Chancey is a leading activist, an organizer, and a champion of equity and liberation. She visited Bellagio in November 2023 to explore and anthologize how women of color are tasked with building a democracy that is just and fair, and the unintended consequences this has on their well-being. Leng Leng is currently the Executive Director of 9to5, a national organization on the frontlines working for women’s rights through a gender and racial justice lens. She also serves as an advisor to other leaders in the fields of economic justice, childcare, reproductive justice, and democracy issues, including the Alliance for Early Success’s Power Equity Fund and the BSR Center for Business and Social Justice.